Hi, I’m Essie. Welcome to my site!

I have a Master’s degree in Human Development and I’m currently pursuing a PhD in Applied Developmental Psychology. I’m intrigued by all aspects of child development but I am particularly interested in how children develop social-emotional skills—things like empathy, perspective-taking, social skills, emotional awareness, and compassion— and how these skills contribute to a child’s positive development. Here’s a post about how I discovered social-emotional learning.

I try my best to translate academic research findings into easily consumable knowledge. Having worked with children for a number of years in many different settings, I also like to think of ways that research findings can be applied to homes, schools, camps, after-school programs, and any other context where children live and develop.

Feel free to contact me at essiesutton@gmail.com.

Click here for more info on social-emotional learning (also known as SEL).

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